What is Bimyou Love?

Bimyou Love (BvL, sometimes B♥L, for short) is a number of things. First, it’s the name of this website and, second, it’s awesome.

Okay, while both of those statements are totally true, there’s actually a lot more to it:

Bimyou Love is the name of my own little brand of clothing and accessories. Each piece is categorized under a specific “line” of apparel: Power, Sweet, Freeze, and Bounce.

Although all designs carry the “cute”, “funky”, “slightly hood” feel, each garment possesses elements that dictate which line of BvL apparel it falls under. One thing you can guarantee for *ALL* garments, however, is that they are all easy to move around in, breathable, and durable.

Another great thing about BvL apparel is that you control the degree of modesty you want. You don’t have to be a certain size or show a certain amount of skin in order for the clothes to “look right”. What will make them look right is how you choose to use them to express your own individuality. They’re versatile like that–and as you can probably guess, super layerable, too. lol

Cool. So where can I get them?

Bimyou Love has an Etsy store located here: bimyoulove.etsy.com

In the beginning stages of this brand, I’ll be selling mostly smaller/accessory items. In time, and by God’s good grace, this offering will be expanded to include clothing items such as skirts, tops, and pants.

Awesome! I’ll check it out later.

Oh, for realz~? Why thank you! Something you should know, however: Bimyou Love items are sold BI-ANNUALLY on the brand’s Etsy store. That means new inventory will be made available for purchase twice a year on Etsy. All items will remain for sale on the Etsy store until they’re sold. I’ll let you know via this website (www.bimyoulove.com) and the brand’s Facebook page (found here: www.facebook.com/bimyoulove) when the items are ready for sale. :)

If you’re curious to see what Bimyou Love has to offer during a non-selling season, no problem! You will always have unlimited access to view examples of the past/current/upcoming collections here on bimyoulove.com.

Why sell only twice a year?

When it comes time to sell my items, I want to make sure I have a good amount available for everyone who’s interested in purchasing them. The breaks between selling seasons allow me the time to make all this happen! This is how things will work for the foreseeable future; if there’s any changes in this practice, I’ll be sure to let you know via this website and the Bimyou Love Facebook page.

Sure, lady. Who are you anyway?

Oh yeah, forgot that, didn’t I? I’m mizuwani, the designer of Bimyou Love and webmaster behind this website. mizuwani is like my stage name, cuz life is a stage and a bunch of other metaphors I could care less about. Just call me miz. :) I have my own blog located at bimyoulove.com/miz if you’re curious about my process and mental musings.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact me through the online Contact page here: bimyoulove.com/contact

Thanks for visiting the official website of Bimyou Love!


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