Project Title: Mokona Modoki (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) Inspired Dance Outfit
Project Consists Of: No-sleeve dress, headband, arm warmers & legwarmers (just the dress & headband are shown in the picture above)
Debut Date? Feb 14, 2015 at Anime Milwaukee 2015
Notes: IT WAS COLD. Anyone who knows me knows that me & cold are frequent acquaintances but we are not friends. This led to my executive decision of making this outfit out of fleece. Oh, yes I did. o_o I decided to make the dress based off of a super-flared dress pattern I drafted earlier this year. It gave me lots of ventilation, but also body that helped to resemble the… uh… marshmallow shape of the mokona. I was happy. And I was warm–that’s all that matters. 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t own the original character design of Mokona Modoki (specifically the black mokona, Larg) from the Clamp series. This garment you see above, however, is my real-life interpretation of it. To learn more about the mokona Larg, visit