Some Updates :)

Haiii gaiz! 😀

So, it’s been like 2 years since I’ve made any posts to this blog. During that time, well, I’ve been good. I’ve relocated to the literal other side of the country and I’m finally pursuing that design school idea. I still cosplay and sew as hobbies–I haven’t changed that much, lol–and I’ll have to upload my most recent projects as soon as I get a chance. I’ve also been cleaning up this blog a little bit to make the content a little more focused.

More to come~<3 Love, miz

So, if you ever intend to cosplay…

Dude. Organize, organize, organize!

The best way to organize for me is to actually pack an entire costume carefully into one of those large ziploc bags–or, if it’s delicate–store it in a clear tote. Not only are they easy to cart to conventions and such like this, they store very well in the exact same container/bag.

Small accessories that go with each costume should be kept with each costume, but what about cosmetics you might use for more than just one costume? Make a list of what is needed for each costume/character and keep all cosmetics in one container and keep those lists in there as well. That way, you everything is in one place and it really isn’t that hard to just cart the whole thing with you. Also, keep several empty sandwich baggies in there as well–you never know when something decides to break!

A thing I learned, that perhaps everyone else already knows: if you’re wearing artificial nails for the first time and they’re longer than you’re used to, save yourself the headache and apply them after you’ve put your entire costume on. I learned this lesson so hard when I did Aisha. Nails were popping and flying everywhere when I tried to shimmy into my dress and leggings, LOL!

I’ll post more things as I think of them, but just some helpful hints from someone who is very systematically designed. 🙂