So, if you ever intend to cosplay…

Dude. Organize, organize, organize!

The best way to organize for me is to actually pack an entire costume carefully into one of those large ziploc bags–or, if it’s delicate–store it in a clear tote. Not only are they easy to cart to conventions and such like this, they store very well in the exact same container/bag.

Small accessories that go with each costume should be kept with each costume, but what about cosmetics you might use for more than just one costume? Make a list of what is needed for each costume/character and keep all cosmetics in one container and keep those lists in there as well. That way, you everything is in one place and it really isn’t that hard to just cart the whole thing with you. Also, keep several empty sandwich baggies in there as well–you never know when something decides to break!

A thing I learned, that perhaps everyone else already knows: if you’re wearing artificial nails for the first time and they’re longer than you’re used to, save yourself the headache and apply them after you’ve put your entire costume on. I learned this lesson so hard when I did Aisha. Nails were popping and flying everywhere when I tried to shimmy into my dress and leggings, LOL!

I’ll post more things as I think of them, but just some helpful hints from someone who is very systematically designed. 🙂

Heeyyyy~ Things are moving along! :D

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, I can attest to that!

I even uploaded a new header image (featuring MAH FACE), fiddled with the layout a bit, and got a finger cramp.

If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. 😀

Anyway, with Anime Central and Anime Midwest out of the way, things have finally calmed down a bit where I can devote more time to site upkeep and creative ventures in general. Revamping my latest cosplay creation, Aisha ClanClan from the Japanese animation Outlaw Star, was a lotttt of work, but I managed to get it done in 3 weeks time. I focused primarily on redoing the bodice and making everything more “easily wearable,” if you can understand my meaning. I want to be able to put on a cosplay like you would any other thing you wear, you know what I mean? Like, who doesn’t want that? Granted, there’s probably going to still be some velcro and buckles in there, but at least the amount of safety pins will have decreased! LOL

I’ll upload some pics of that costume soon. 🙂 They’re already on my instagram page, yay!

Take care, everyone. Ta ta~


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